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Lebanese Dishes


$8.00 Foule

Broad beans, chick peas, lemon juice & garlic.


$8.00 Hoummos

Mashed chick peas, lemon juice, garlic, sesame seed paste.


$8.00 Falafel (7 pieces)

Chic peas, garlic cumin and other herbs & spices cooked in vegetable oil.

baba gahannouj

$9.00 Baba Gahannouj

Mashed eggplant, sesame seed paste, lemon juice, garlic.

hoummos with meat

$13.00 Hoummos with Meat

Hoummos with meat on top Or doner Kabab.


$9.00 Fattah


Lebanese Kababs

Doner Kabab

$15.00 Doner Kabab

Marinated steaks, spices, cooked on a rotating skewer.

Chicken Kabab

$13.00 Chicken Kabab

Marinated chicken, spices, cooked on a rotating skewer.

Shish Kabab

$15.00 Shish Kabab (4 skewers)

Lamb cubes, grilled on a skewer.


$13.00 Kafta (4 skewers)

Mince meat, parsley, onions and spices grilled on a skewer.


$12.00 Kebbeh (cooked) 4-pieces

Crushed wheat, mince meat, pine nuts, onions, cooked in vegetable oil.

Lebanese Pizza

Lebanese Pizza

$8.00 Lebanese Pizza

Mince meat, onions, cupcicums diced, tomatoes in a flat Lebanese bread.



$13.00 Sausages

Mince meat, pine nuts and spices.

Hot Sausages

$12.00 Hot Sausages (Soujok)

Mince meat, hot chilli and spices.

Lebanese Salad

Lebanese Salad

$8.00 Lebanese Salad

Tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, lemon juice, garlic & olive oil.


$8.00 Tabbouleh

Chopped parsley, mint, tomatoes, lettuce, crushed wheat, lemon juice & olive oil.

Lebanese Mixed Dish

Mixed Plate

$20.00 Lebanese Mixed Plate

Combination of meat and vegetarian dishes.

Finger Chips

Finger Chips

$4.00 Hot Chips

Hot Finger Potato Chips.

Rolls In Lebanese Bread

$6.00 Falafel


$9.00 Doner Kabab (Shawarma)

Doner Kabab (Shawarma)

$8.00 Chicken Kabab Roll

Chicken Kabab Roll

$6.00 Hoummos Roll

Hoummos Roll

$6.00 Baba Ghannnouj Roll

Baba Ghannnouj Roll

$6.00 Foule Roll

Foule Roll

$8.00 Kafta Roll

Kafta Roll

$8.00 Kebbeh Roll

Kebbeh Roll

$9.00 Shish Kabab Roll

Shish Kabab Roll

$8.00 Sausages Roll

Sausages Roll

$7.00 Hot Sausages Roll

Hot Sausages Roll